24th World Mining Congress Proceedings

24th World Mining Congress PROCEEDINGS:

At Vale we bring together the best technologies and the best researchers.

October 18-21, 2016
Rio de Janeiro /RJ • Brazil

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Created in 2009 with the purpose of stimulating innovation, competitiveness and sustainability in Vale’s operations, Vale Institute of Technology (ITV) is a non-profit organization that develops research activities, with emphasis on H2 and H3 horizons as well as training of resources human at post-graduate level. ITV has two locations: one in Belém in the State of Pará, focused on matters related to Sustainable Development, and the other in Ouro Preto, MG, dedicated to Mining and Mineral processing topics.
At the ITV unit in Belém, Vale has been offering a Master’s Degree Program in the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in Tropical Regions since 2012. This is a unprecedented initiative in Brazil as it is the first course offered in conjunction with a company from the mineral sector to obtain certification from the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior – Capes), of the Ministry of Education.
In Minas Gerais, ITV launched a pioneering partnership with Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto (UFOP) to structure the Master’s Degree Course in Instrumentation, Control and Mining Process Systems, and Master’s Degree Course in Mineral Engineering.
This course has been approved by Capes in 2015 and classes began in 2016. Another innovative partnership that has been being developed is with the ISPT Instituto Superior Profissional de Tete, Mozambique, consisting in the offer of courses for the Master’s Degree Program in Mining at ISPT. These courses are supported financially and operationally by Vale and Capes.
In partnership with Capes, Vale offers academic postdoctoral scholarships for Brazilians and foreigners to researchers who are selected to work at Vale Institute of Technology units, further bringing together the academic community and Vale, expanding the potential generation of innovation and wealth for Vale and Brazil.
Performance Segments ITV activities are focused across three key segments:
Research, Education and Entrepreneurship, following the cycle through which scientific production evolves, creating practical application and generation of concrete benefits for the company. For further information visit: www.itv.org or send an e-mail:
It is a pleasure for us to participate in the 24th edition of the World Mining Congress – WMC 2016, being held for the first time in Brazil, and we can introduce you to some of the technological, research and innovation solutions in the Mining Sector. It is our commitment to share knowledge, innovation and technology towards the sustainable development of the operations and processes in global mining.
I hope that everyone enjoys the most of the World Mining Congress!


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