Trilha Gold Capital corporate structure includes mining companies, diverse consulting in the mining area and metals trading. The Group also participates in and supports social projects through Trilha Institute and works to develop startups with Trilha Inova.


Holding of the Trilha Gold Group, Trilha Gold Capital is the controller of the consulting, mining and marketing companies which make up the Brazilian group that will be a world reference in the production of gold and precious metals, with the respect for the environment and social responsibility.


A Trilha Gold Capital Group company specialized in the sale and exportion of metals and ores extracted by Trilha Gold.


The company is dedicated to research data processing, mineral analysis, assembly and validation of geological-geotechnical databases, 3D geological modeling of mineralized bodies, reserve estimation and preparation of studies and mining projects. It also works with the latest generation specialized systems and softwares. It also works with the latest generation specialized systems and softwares.


The company is focused on conducting researches in mining, geology, area survey, nitrate, sample analysis and assembling a technical database to model ore bodies.


The company is specialized in the legalization of mining rights, environmental planning and licensing. In addition to processing with public agencies.


A Company specialized in managing mining projects, in the planning, research, area preparation, structure and operation phases. It will be the company responsible for all projects on the Trilha Gold Capital.


Trilha Technology is a technology solutions factory focused on the mining sector and on the needs of the Group’s companies, including projects management, teams, internal processes and access for investors, suppliers and partners. Born in the era of digital culture, with expertise in creating unique solutions tailored to market needs, it works from product design to the final solution.


A Company focused on the development of clean energy and social and environmental responsibility actions. It provides services to the Trilha Gold Capital Grupo companies.


A Trilha Gold Capital Group company dedicated to supporting startups focused on technology, innovation and sustainable environmental processes. It offers technical and financial support in the areas of management, structuring, development and expansion of new projects, helping entrepreneurs to scale their ideas to the next level.


Focused on geophysical studies, the company is dedicated to the use of state-of-the-art Australian technology.



Investors, suppliers, partners, service providers and new businesses. For each of them, Trilha Gold Capital adopts a series of internal procedures with transparency.

Get to know all the procedures adopted by Trilha Gold Capital:


A highly qualified team carries out research and studies in the mining area and also the revalidation of possible pre-existing researches.


To start a mining research project, Trilha Gold must comply with a series of standards, including the presentation of an environmental control report with the social, environmental and economic characteristics of the region. Only after these steps the Operating License for Mineral Research is granted. The environmental studies take place simultaneously with the development of the mining project, from the beginning of the research until the mine operation.


At this stage, all the infrastructure studies necessary for the operation of the mine are carried out, including the possible need to create roads, camps, flight fields and safety materials for the specialized teams. Trilha Gold is always concerned with the reality of the communities present in the surroundings of its projects, contributing to bring development to nearby areas.


After the infrastructure study, mining engineering is responsible for modeling the ore body (assembly in the block model). From there, Trilha Gold understands exactly what equipment will need to be used in the metals and minerals extracting process.


At this stage, Trilha Gold validates all studies carried out so far, in order to create the Executive Project. After that, it is known how to assemble the structure of the operation, what equipment will be needed, which teams should be involved and the area’s potential.


This stage includes the construction of the entire infrastructure of the plant to receive the mining equipment. There is also the preparation of the entire local logistical part, in addition to the equipment assembling and testing, and the stacking of sterile and pit.


This is the step that starts the mining operation. The extraction begins.


We are a company focused on sustainability, socio-economic development and with full potential to become the biggest mining company in Brazil and one of the largest in the world.