Trilha Gold Capital is a Brazilian group focused on the production of gold and precious metals based on three pillars: technology, environmental preservation and social responsibility. Our investments in innovation and technology guarantee excellence in productivity and quality (greater capacity to extract and use ore and other metals), combined with the lowest impact on the environment. Our team is composed of highly qualified professionals in geology, mining engineering, metallurgy, environment and high-tech systems.


Founded by Basel Ibrahim Al Jughami, a visionary who has always believed in a mining model based on respect for the environment, social responsibility and the adoption of the highest standards of technology. Trilha Group encompasses mining projects and consulting companies in geology, geophysics, survey and calculation of reserves.


Following the market demand, TGC built a team of specialists focused on the development of business processes, in order to make our clients’ operations progressively more efficient.

Entrepreneur with eight years of international experience in the development, structuring, management, operation and marketing of sustainable strategic mining projects in the Middle East, Asia and Brazil. Founder and President of TGC Group and Trilha Institute.

Trilha Gold Capital was born from an inspiring dream: the certainty that mining can work for a green world. A mining that cares about the environment and people.

This dream started with me, when I was still a young boy I left my parents’ house to undertake, open my own path and build my own story. Along the way, I saw that in order to learn to win, you must first learn to lose. This lesson went on to inspire my steps and illuminate my life purpose.

What was a one-man dream spread to partners, investors, geologists, engineers, managers and employees who believed in the same project and knew how to transform a startup of few people into a large mining corporation. All united for the purpose of making sustainable mining.

Together, we believe in generating wealth for Brazil and profits for its investors with the same conviction that social and environmental responsibility are precious values. Trilha believes in that. Trilha works for that.

Certain that Brazil’s goods are from Brazil and for Brazil, we work for the success of the Trilha and the country. We know that success is a mission performed 100%.

The man’s greatest honor is his word. And the best word in Trilha is the combination of success with purpose, inspiration with technique and experience with technology.

MOHAMMAD ALAHMADIVP of Global Investors Relationship
Born in Saudi Arabia, and with extensive experience for over 10 years in the marketing of gold and precious jewelry in the UAE region. Chemical engineer, graduated from Swansea in the UK.
DJALMA CORDEIROTechnical General Director
Geologist graduated from the Ouro Preto School of Mines and Metallurgy, with postgraduate degrees, among other areas, in Economic Engineering and Safety Engineering and Occupational Medicine.
With over 40 years of experience, 23 of which in underground mines…

Geologist graduated from the Ouro Preto School of Mines and Metallurgy, with postgraduate degrees, among other areas, in Economic Engineering and Safety Engineering and Occupational Medicine.
With over 40 years of experience, 23 of which in underground mines, he has worked especially with manganese, iron, gold and ornamental rocks. His work also covers the areas of occupational safety and medicine.

HELIO IKEDAConsultant Master Geologist
Geologist graduated from USP, with a postgraduate degree in Environmental Management and Expertise from Oswaldo Cruz University and specialization in Environmental Engineering from Universidade do Pará, he has 40 years of experience in technology projects for processing plants, mineral research projects, reporting environmental, among other areas.
ALBERTO ROGERIO SILVAConsultant Master Geologist
Geologist with more than 40 years of experience in managing mineral and environmental projects, at national and international levels, has a postgraduate degree in Mineral Economics and Mineral Legislation from the University of Pará. He was the Mining Director of the Industry, Commerce and Mining Department of the state of Pará for 9 years. He coordinated, representing Brazil, the Mercury project of the European Union Commission. He has published nine books involving mining and the environment as an author, co-author, organizer and editor.
ACRISIO DE SOUSAMaster Geologist
Geologist graduated from the Federal University of Ceará, has been working for over 30 years in the mining area, especially in exploration and prospecting management, planning and development of mineral projects, including gold, diamond, copper, iron, manganese, graphite, titanium and cassiterite, among others.



Trilha Gold Capital is helping to write the future of sustainable mining in Brazil, not only for operating with clean energy, but also for the certainty that mining will not exist if we do not protect a greater good that belongs to all of us: the environment.

The social responsibility of the mining sector is one of its fundamental premises. With Trilha Institute, the Group supports causes, organizations and projects, with the conviction that a company that generates wealth must also generate value for the communities around it.

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